Recruitment of specialists


Streamlined algorithm of the company’s performance is a guarantee of achieving a positive result.

1. Registration of an application

A company-employer applies for employee search. Herein a customer puts forward the widest possible list of requirements for the prospective employee. This enables to find the right candidate in the shortest period of time.

2. Personnel search

The direct search procedure assumes an application of a large number of channels:

   1. company database;
   2.recommendations of other customers; of professional contacts;
   4.colleagues’ assistance;
   5. Internet network.

3. Formation of the list of candidates

After a thorough examination of the resume of potential employees there is carried out a telephone interview. On the basis of the interview results a certain number of candidates are selected for shortlist (depending on the requirements of the customer). After a certain period of time (1-3 weeks), a resume of short-listed candidates is provided to the employing company.

4. Interview

Final interview is held in Skype. In case of a positive result, the employee is approved for the announced position.

5. Registration of documentation

To obtain a visa and formal employment, it is recommended to execute accurately required package of documents. This is done after selecting the final candidate.

6. Moving of the candidate

After the candidate arrives abroad, our agency supervises his performance during a probationary period. If necessary, advisory services on issuing a residence permit and other issues are provided. Herewith service fees are paid by the customer.